Tip: Find your iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus Shipping Confirmation and Tracking Number


Many of us are anxiously awaiting that fateful doorbell ring with a man in brown shorts ready to have us sign for our brand new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, however, I’ve noticed a good amount of posts and inquiries asking why the tracking number and shipping confirmation haven’t been sent by Apple yet. I’m currently included in that boat, but  rest assured you can expect Apple to send you an email some time later today. But here’s a tip for those that are a little impatient and want to know where their phone is right this minute.

Don’t bother looking at your order confirmation, simply visit UPS.com and under their home page select the “Tracking” tab. This should bring you to the standard tracking page where you can enter in the 25 digit tracking number that you don’t actually have yet.

Here’s the workaround:

On the left hand side of the screen, select the tab “Track by Reference”. Make sure your shipment type is bubbled in as “Package” and under the first available field where it reads “Shipment Reference”, go ahead and enter in your 10 digit cell phone number associate to the iPhone you just purchase (so exclude the 1). Make sure the shipment dates fall under the parameters your order confirmation says your phone will arrive and click “Track”.

Voila! This should successfully bring up your tracking information with details as to where your phone currently presides. This worked for me and at time of this posting my phone is currently hanging out in Louisville, Kentucky. I’ve never been. Lucky phone.

You can even set up alerts to tell you when your phone is out for delivery so that you can be ready for the big brown truck to arrive.

Hopefully this helps those of you panicked that you haven’t received your emails from Apple.


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