XBOX ONE Reveal: May 21 Live Updates

Microsoft is set to announce the third iteration in their console line with what’s being rumored to be called XBOX Infinite, an obvious reference to the evolution from a 360 circle to a never ending loop.

I’ll be live updating the site as the news rolls in so be sure to stay tuned.

UPDATE: The Infinite rumor is false. It is going to be named XBOX:ONE. Interesting that they go this route, but I’m sure we’ll get an explanation.


We are also getting the first look at the hardware. Controller for the most part is the same, but a shiny black with what looks like enhanced sticks with a thicker edge and a texture to help grip.


The system itself looks relatively simple: a large rectangular box meant to be laid on its side, open CD port, side vents, and what I’m assuming might end up being a front display. It looks bigger than the 360, but not as big as the original XBOX.

XBOX COntroller

XBOX KINECT also gets update to look more like the console.

UPDATE: Touting a feature where voice activation of “XBOX ON” will allow you to control any device in your living room. It quickly pops up to the dashboard where it shows you what you recently were doing.

Lots of voice commands and hand gestures to control your device. My personal opinion is it’s a nice novelty, but no one will use it if you have a controller.

UPDATE: You can switch through live gaming, television, internet, and with more gestures you can run multiple programs. If you want to watch a movie and use the internet on the same screen, you can. Pretty nifty. Not sure how many people will use it though.

UPDATE: You can do group SKYPE video calls on your tv.

UPDATE: Nice little ESPN based fantasy tracker where you can get on screen updates of your fantasy team. Obviously you have to have an ESPN based team, but it’s a cool feature for those that do.

UPDATE: Voice controls allow you to scroll through your television guide.

UPDATE: Going to be getting some hardware details. 8 GB ram, Bluray drive, 500 GB HD, “practically silent”.

XBOX ONE ARCHITECTURE: 3 operating systems in 1. Nothing really interesting, just reiterating what they demonstrated for the last 25 minutes.

KINECT: 1080p, much more precision.

CONTROLLER: Updated ergonomics, new battery compartment, better triggers for precision.

XBOX SMARTGLASS: using other microsoft devices to control your XBOX.

UPDATE: In Game DVR function that will save to the cloud, much like the Playstation 4 feature.

UPDATE: Andrew Wilson from EA coming to the stage. THey’ve been villainized lately, so hopefully it’s something good.

Starting with sports, just the regulars: FIFA, MADDEN, NBALive, UFC. Getting a look at the new engine: Ignite.

“Smart decisions with context…human like decisions….10 times for animation and detail….added true emotion…living worlds…3D crowds and interacting sidelines. Some exclusivity about Ultimate Team mode on XBOX:ONE.

Finally seeing “gameplay”, looks like cut scenes, not that impressive.

UPDATE: FORZA MOTORSPORT 5 has some amazing detail and realism, lighting is fantastic, now let’s hope gameplay steps up.

UPDATE: Quantum Break looks like a time based FPS/Adventure game, couldn’t see much because they used mostly live-action cut scenes which is the dumbest thing ever. Didn’t look next-gen quality, looked more like a current gen title.

UPDATE: Microsoft is promising 15 exclusive games int he first year with 8 all new original titles. That number lags far behind Sony, not sure about Nintendo.

UPDATE: Steven Spielberg will be spearheading a live action HALO television series. VERY INTERESTING, but it will be a premium television series.

UPDATE: Talking about some partnership with NFL for fantasy leagues. Keep hearing about dramatic changes and updates in technology, but they didn’t show or discuss them, in any way.

And I guess that wraps things up, we get a nice look at the system that promises to be an all-in-one piece of technology for the living room. Only a glimpse at a couple titles, which was disappointing, but I guess we have to wait for E3.

Update: Not over yet apparently, Call of Duty will have first exclusive content on XBOX. Getting a look at Ghosts. Dogs are added to the squad. New engine adds a nice level of detail, greater visual fidelity. Much improved on the hard edges.

New multiplayer will have dynamic maps that will allow the environment to create obstacles. Customized characters will be offered…FINALLY.

OK so now it’s officially over, let’s round up real quick. It’s going to be called XBOX:ONE, new Kinect, new controller, no “always-on” mandate but it is an option, exclusive fantasy league feature, and some exclusives.


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