Apple expanding into “New Categories”

Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke recently about his disappointment in the state of Apple’s stock fluctuation, but he left reporters with a little gem: Apple will be expanding into new categories.

No one has a clue what those categories are for sure, and if they claim they do, they’re full of it, but here’s a short list of things rumored to be coming and some directions that just make sense.

An Apple TV Set Top


Apple set top box with Apple TV integrated

Many already consider it a foregone conclusion that one of those entities will be in the television market featuring an integrated AppleTV interface. It’s a smart move for the company as it essentially allows Apple fans to create an entire ecosystem out their products, and not spending it their dollars elsewhere on competitors. There’s no doubt though that set tops will probably price themselves out of the everyday consumer market, but as with most of their library, will slowly come down in price to a more “affordable” level.

Something to keep an eye on however, is if Apple will look to establishing a pay-as-you-please system, similar to the strategy Intel is developing where you select your channels, or possibly even just shows and pay on an a la carte basis, thus ditching the giant bundles cable companies force you into. I’m certainly on board should Apple decide to go this route, but let e reiterate that it’s purely speculation on my part and there have been no rumors attached to it.

Curved Glass Watches


A potential design for an Apple watch

The big thing currently gaining traction is the iWatch featuring a curved glass display. It’s a promising idea conceptually, my only concern is, does anyone really ever use a watch as something other than a fashion accessory? Sure if it comes with status updates from Facebook and Twitter that’s a bonus for some, but if it just functions similarly to an ipod nano, then I’m not sure I really see the point in the investment, but we’ll see.



Google Glasses: courtesy of The Verge

Purely something that would interest me would be an Apple version of Google’s recent invention. Although for now the Google glasses seem completely superfluous for day to day use, I see it getting smaller in design and slowly inching it’s way into the mainstream. So why not Apple? I’m a proponent of competition, and with Google and Apple pushing one another only good things can happen.

Apple While You Drive


Obviously not a mock up, but a system similar to this could be something Apple gets involved in.

One environment Apple has been pretty absent in has been the automotive industry. Sure most people rely on their phones nowadays for GPS and what not, but I don’t see a single reason why Apple can’t start developing something that negates ever having to pull your iPhone from your pocket and instead routes your calls directly to your car’s speakers. While they’re at it, why not make it an option to have an Apple based GPS and entertainment touch screen, or at the very least make an iPad integrate into a dock to function as one.

And this one is coming out of left field, but with Apples deep interest in all things curved now, and their partnership with Gorilla Glass, I could see a future where, similarly to the Google glasses, a small portion of your vehicles window will be able to display helpful things such as the weather, directions, screen calls, and show music playlists. I would have tossed in email and social media updates, but I don’t think that ever gets cleared for public safety.

Again, just a thought.

Got any other ideas? Feel free to leave them in the comments section below. 


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