Apple vs Samsung: The Commercials

Let’s, for a moment, try to ignore the strange animosity between the two tech behemoths, Samsung and Apple. I won’t attempt to sway you towards a GalaxySIII or an iPhone, a Macbook or Chromebook, that’s not what this is about. Let’s even toss out the ridiculous amount of litigious action they take on one another over patent rights, because that seems to have no end in sight. Forget specs, prices, cycles, and even the hipsters, this is about one thing: The Commercials.

Where did Apple go?

Before Samsung even entered the fray and was merely a parts supplier, Apple was busy doing battle with a bigger monster: Microsoft.

We all remember the running gag Apple’s advertising group devised that had everyone toting their party lines to the phrase, “I’m a Mac.” “And I’m a PC.” Justin Long and John Hodgeman, who looks conspicuously similar to Bill Gates, stood shoulder to shoulder behind a white backdrop, each time providing another reason why we should all be buying Macs over PCs.


Apple’s “I’m a Mac” commercial

It was brilliant advertising. It’s throwing dirt on your competitor at its finest. The best part about the series of commercials was the fact it made the masses believe MACs are different than PCs. They’re not! Both are personal computers. Apple was genius in creating an invisible distinction between them and everyone else because even though those commercials are no longer running, people still refer to that quote as if it were some mythical happening that needs to be passed down to their children and their children’s children.

Thus the craze proliferated and Apple became the highest traded tech company.

Samsung Takes a Swing

Conventional wisdom would have told anyone to not poke the bear and just let him be, but Samsung doesn’t believe in conventional. Instead, they attacked right at the heart of what anti-apple enthusiasts have been clamoring about for years.

Enter any technology forum (at your own risk), and you’ll see the same rhetoric spread throughout each thread. The first volley fired at Apple is that Samsung’s products have far superior specs. This isn’t a certainty in all instances, but it often does ring true, Samsung can beat Apple in the spec department, of course, until Apple releases their next product and the teeter totters.

Yet, the core argument against Macs usually involves something that sounds like, “You’re waiting all night in line to pay for an overpriced, inferior spec’d product, just so you can be a hipster and Apple elitest.”

Samsung jumped all over this train of thought with their satirical commercials depicting helpless souls waiting in the cold for the next iteration of the iPhone, while Samsung owners mock them with their large screens and back to back sharing.


Samsung GSIII spoof on iPhone release lines

And it worked.

Whether you own a iPhone or not, those Samsung commercials are hilarious and grab your attention.

So Where’s Apple’s Retaliation?

You would think with the vast coffers Apple has to pull from they would have fired back wit their own advertising scheme. But alas, we sit here continuing to see more Samsung commercials dominate the airwaves.

I’m merely speculating, but perhaps it could have something to do with the passing of ultra-competitive Apple founder, Steve Jobs. Samsung’s commercials are something Steve would have fought tooth and nail against, but with Tim Cook at the helm, seem to be tolerated. Which is understandable to a degree. Why fight when your company is doing nothing but seeing profits soar through the roof?

Still, you have to wonde at what point, if ever, Apple decides to counter, and what new brilliant marketing strategy they’ll create to do it.

For now, high-five to Samsung.


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