LootCrate: February Unboxing and Review

Watch this video to get a small peak at what LootCrate has to offer. The best part about LootCrate is the people behind the scenes running it. You can reach them at almost any time of the day and ask a million questions and you’ll get a million kind responses. It makes supporting a start-up company that much more rewarding.

Now for a quick synopsis of February’s Crate.

The Shirt: Any gaming/geek related shirt automatically makes a crate a winner, but when you combine two huge geek franchises, holy crap. For those wondering at home, the T-Shirt is of exceptional quality, super soft cotton, fits nicely and true to size, plus the graphic is nicely printed. I can’t wait to wear it and see how many Whosian heads turn.

The Snack: I’ve opened and sampled the Brain Bits and as expected, they taste great, but I’m a huge watermelon fan.

The Bacon: It’s a win win for you and your significant other, or just you.

The Sticker: Haven’t found the perfect spot for it just yet, but the thickness of it makes me feel pretty confident about its durability.

The Drink Cozy: Who doesn’t love a drink cozy that has a “shark with a freakin’ lazer beam”?

The Air Freshener: Couldn’t honestly tell you because it’s just to awesome for me to open, I just might have to see if I can buy another one to put in my car.

Loved this month’s crate. It has a little bit everything for everyone to enjoy, plus some things that may entice people to acquaint themselves with.


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