PS4 Rumors Update: Feb.21

Now that the dust has settled, questions have been answered, zeal has been appeased, and like clockwork, the rumor mill has begun to churn again.

Luckily, President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios addressed journalists to calm certain speculations, and the results provided a mixed bag.


Playstation 4 Will Not Be Backwards Compatible

Though this shouldn’t really come as a surprise to anyone, the news is certainly a let down. After all, the PS3’s latest models removed backwards compatibility from the console, instead, forcing users to purchase digital downloads.

The good news is that this will likely be the case again, as the PS4 will take advantage of Sony’s library with the help of emulators, so indie games like Journey will still be around.

No 4k games

This one picked up steam right until the event, and even though it never got shot down, it didn’t get confirmed so we’re glad we finally have an answer. No 4k games on this console. However, that doesn’t necessarily state that it won’t be able to stream 4k movies through services like Netflix and Amazon. Don’t quote me as saying that the PS4 will, but as the cable infrastructure improves and streaming technology advances, it’s certainly feasible we’ll see it within the coming years.

The PS4 Won’t Block Used Games

Breathe easy Playstation fans, and especially you Gamestop, the used game market will remain alive and well…for now. Many were upset even by the mention that Sony could follow in Microsoft’s footsteps of trying to ban used games, some were so upset they flocked to forums and posted petitions.

I for one have mixed feelings. Although I do feel gamers reserve the right to their content much in the way we do our DVD and Bluray collections; the argument can be made that the used game market detracts from developers bottom line in their ability to bring us more content at a cheaper price. Without used games on consoles we’d see ecosystems more akin to Valve’s Steam, where titles are released digitally and often marked down as much as 75% on certain occasions.


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