Sony’s PS4 Unveiling Today with live updates

We’re only hours away from the BIG SONY EVENT in NYC which will start roughly around 3 PM Pacific. Check back as I’ll be live updating the site as news rolls in



First big news: YES IT’S BEING CALLED THE PS4, as it should be.

Update: We’re just five minutes from Sony starting…still nothing being leaked yet though, surprisingly.

Update: The conversation starts with heavy talks about the Vita, however, just as much of it is about social media which has been a major talking point about the PS4.


PS4 Reveal in NYC

Update: Lead system architect, Mark Cerny, is on stage to talk about the PS4 ie. his role and how to free devs from limitations.

Interesting that Cerny is discussing the limitations of the PS3, considering it did so well, and we haven’t heard rumblings on anything PS4 might do to change it.

Ahhh, Cerny opens up about Sony listening to devs about what they’d like to see on the next console. PS3 was a tad limiting because of their CPU/GPU setup that made it so difficult to make games cross-platform.

Update: Specs: 8GB Unified Memory, X86 CPU, Supercharged architecture, huge local storage HDD.

Update: Put those rumors about the controller to rest, it’s true, although they did improve the back light sensor bar. There is a headphone jack, changed the sticks, share button, intended for a second peripheral (icamera type system), a speaker, and a very slight form factor change.


The redesigned PS4 controller

Also displaying some very impressive live-time gameplay on the Unreal engine.

Update: GDDR5 will be used; boosts GPU.

Update: Getting a glimpse at a game called Knack, pretty impressive not so much graphically as it is a huge step forward in GPU. Little particles are much more interactive.



Update: Some nice features here. Resume game function: no more saving and having to boot up. Digital titles will be playable EVEN as they’re being downloaded. Dedicated video compression/decompression hardware has been added for social functionality; it’s allowing players to share their gameplay an easy thing to do.

The big thing is the profile changes, you can upload your own photo, making it much more interactive, seeded from your own social network. Very nice design from what’s being demonstrated so far.


PS4 Updated Profile System

There’s also going to be phone and tablet integration, which we’ve heard about, but allows you to keep in touch with your network without having to stop.

Personalization is being focused on. The system will learn your likes and dislikes, making choices and offering suggestions for you.

And Cerny closes his section, but CEO of Gaikai, Dave Perry, will come on stage to discuss the cloud storage. Could be huge.

Update: Gaikai will make it so you can test out a game instantly in the playstation store before buying. “Try it for free, buy if you like it”, says Perry. HUGE

Update: With the “Share” button you can broadcast yourself live and friends can spectate, interact, or even assist you with your game. Developers will be able to give expert gamers director titles to assist gamers and show pro-tips. They’ll even be able to drop in and assist a struggling gamer on the fly.


All-new Sharing functionality

Update: The amazing functionality of the Wii U’s remote play will also be available for PS4 using the Vita. So if you need to give up the TV, not a problem, pull out your PSV and you’re good to keep playing.

Update: Gaikai is looking to make all playstation games available on any next-gen device. That means PS1, PS2, PS3 could theoretically be on the Vita. It’s not available now, but the project is green-lit and will be rolling out in phases. Not all of the possibilities will be revealed today, but it’s worth getting excited over.

Michael Denny coming on stage…

Update: Looks like we’re going to get to hear a little about the gaming catalog.

Hearing from Guerilla first. KILLZONE: SHADOWFALL


Scene from Killzone: Shadowfall

Looks amazing visually, so much going on in the background and foreground, really taxing the CPU. Impressive displays of mirrors, water, steam, reflections, and shadows. AI have more lifelike meneuverability.

They just demo’d an explosion….damn impressive.

And depth of field! As a film major in college, I cannot stress enough how much adding accurate depth of field is to making games feel more lifelike. You can’t see two miles away clearly in real life, why should you in games that wan’t to deliver a sensation of realism?

Getting into the action a little bit, AI definitely improved, they strafe and take cover much like gamers will.

Update: Getting a look at a racing game called Driveclub.

It’s team based racing. It’s been a concept started 10 years ago. “It’s about driving the best cars in the world, in the best places in the world”

Essentially, the gameplay isn’t just about winning races, it’s about challenges and teamwork. Your club versus every other around the world in an effort to become the top ranked club.

They’ve gone “borderline insane” in the detail of the cars and it shows. Ever inch of the vehicle has been well thought out. There’s even a nifty little bit of getting into the actual car….FINALLY! you even buckle your own seatbelt. The emphasis is for it to be in first person view so that it emulates driving as closely as possible.

Update: Watching real-time gameplay and yes, it’s the closest thing to real life driving as you’re gona get so far. I’ve never been so amazed by a racing game since Gran Turismo.

Update: Focus has shifted to a game about people with super human abilities in a Big Brother futuristic world, although the dev is pointing out some frightening statistics that apply to our current way of life. Any stoners in attendance just got a whole lot more paranoid…

waiting to hear what the game is, the stream just got a little choppy.

And it’s Infamous: Second Brother

Just a personal opinion: People were worried about the release date catalog, but I’d be confident in saying it’s potentially going to be far better than the PS3 opening catalog. And without starting a flame war, I’m not sure what MS will have for the 720 that will best Sony.

Update: Next title is an open-world exploration based puzzle game called THE WITNESS.


Gameplay footage of The Witness

They promise “no filler-content, everything should feel new and different as you explore.” Lofty aspirations, but if they achieve it, this will sell like hot-cakes for the indie crazed and casual gamers that can play on tablets.

Update: David Cage from Quantic Dream…(I’ve been waiting for this one)

“Emotion is the most important thing to capture for developers.” Could not agree more.

Holy crap, he’s showing The Great Train Robbery. The film buff in me is screaming inside like a little girl.

Cage is talking about the polygon advancement.

Quantic is going to steal the show with what they’re showing right now. The future of polygon count tech is going to explode on the PS4. Cage is demonstrating the incredible detail of a skin shader of an ordinary old mans face. “The detail will be available on the ps4 what was previously only attainable on CGI.”

Update: Moving onto The Move. (yes i did that on purpose……ok no I didn’t)

Media Molecule, a small staff dev, demonstrating how they’re using The Move to make 3D sculpting easier.

This could be huge for storytelling and gaming. I’d suspect all film studios to start wanting it.

Now a demonstration of it in action. People are controlling 3D models with just a Move Controller and it’s interacting quite accurately in a variety of waves. I’m still unsure how it all works, but it seems promising.

Update: Now for a little from Capcom…

New engine, Panta Rhei, looks solid so far.

Take that back, it looks unbelievable as we’re getting a look at what so many have been waiting for, they’re answer to Demon Souls/Oblivion, working title is DEEP DOWN. The polygon count is near the level Quantic Dream just showed.


Capcom’s working title Deep Down

Update:My personal favorite, yes I’m a giant FF fan, Square Enix is on stage.

They quickly jump into a demo. Some religious, old-world setting, mixed in with futuristic technology….so on par for Squenix’s history.

This appears to only be a capabilities demonstration so far, which is a little bit of a shame, the title looked more promising than whatever number of FFXIII we’re being promised.

And please just give us the next KH!

Update: Final Fantasy Brand Director announces that we’ll see the next Final Fantasy title at E3. No visuals.

Update: Ubisoft takes the stage, they’ve been pretty consistent at delivering the goods.

Getting more info about WATCH DOGS. A title about privacy invasion, hacking, and tapping into the digital world all in an open-world. (Let’s face it, if you’re not open-world at this point, it’s becoming a negative)


The privacy intrusive sandbox title, Watch Dogs

From the short preview we’re getting, the textures look good, lighting is well done. If i had to describe it, it’s kinda like wearing the Google glasses in third-person. EDIT: It’s like google glasses meets minority report, very interesting and unique gameplay design.

Update: Hmmm… Blizzard is taking the stage, and ironically he starts out by addressing the fact no one knows why he’s even there.

Ah ha, Blizzard and Sony have entered into cooperation. Looks like Sony will be taking a chunk out of the PC world and bring them back to the console.

And now a demo of the game coming to PS4…intro music sounds like Diablo.

Yep, it’s Diablo III. Optimized control schemes and avatar control.

They’ll be releasing more info at PAX East.

Update: Finally, Activision gets their turn.

First, a little insight into their partnership with Bungie for DESTINYBungie promises it will be the next great FPS. The interesting thing will be how Microsoft counter-punches this one as this would have been an xbox 360 exclusive, now eats into that market by being on the PS4.


Bungie and Activision’s project, Destiny

(I’m sorry, but the Bungie guys could not look any more awkward on stage. Good Gawd)

Update: Uhmmm what? A Rather abrupt ending, still no shot of the system? I realize parts may still be fluid and what not, but i’d assume we’d get a glimpse at the thing. Major let down.

Update: Release date is set for Holiday 2013. So that tells us nothing we didn’t already know and I’ll stick firm to November.

Closing comments:  While not getting to see the physical body of the console is a huge disappointment, it’s certainly better than the alternative of seeing what the PS4 will look like and not learning anything new or seeing the game titles in action.

In all we got to see quite a bit of good stuff from the developers, and the details emerging on things like the Move Controller, Gaikai cloud, and the social interaction functions were impressive.

I just really wish they pulled a Steve Jobs and did a “One last thing”.

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments and subscribe as I’ll be posting more updates as the news unfurls.


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