PS4 Price Set?

The Verge is reporting that through a translation of a reputable Japanese paper, Asahi Shinbum, the much anticipated PS4 will cost around around 40,000 Yen, which makes it $400 in the US.

After the PS3’s gaudy launch msrp of $600+, I think this is a more calculated price point by Sony. Barely pricing themselves above the WiiU helps bring back a demographic lost to the substantially cheaper Wii, but also says Sony is going to aggressive in getting units sold. I’ll be interested to see a teardown once the console is finally released, to find out how much of a hit they take per unit, but I’d have to imagine it can’t be drastically over their msrp.

The Japanese paper also goes on to back rumors that the dualshock will remain “mostly” the same shape (touchpad anyone?) and that it’s still slated for an end of 2013 release in Japan and the US, no word on Europe. Last, but not least, the PS4 will likely use cloud services from Gaikai, a gaming service Sony bought for nearly $400 million.


And it just wouldn’t be me if I didn’t bring up another rumor that’s been gaining traction. The next XBOX, and possibly the PS4 will do away with used games, spelling doom for places like Gamestop. I personally support it for the fact that money now goes directly to game developers who in turn will be able to make more games at possibly cheaper prices. That logic isn’t coming out of thin air, just look at the success Valve is heaving with Steam; nobody seems to be complaining that they can’t sell their games and that’s probably because each title tends to take a price cut at some point over the course of the month. So it’s something to keep an eye out for.

Additionally, and although I’m not quite buying it for now, the XBOX may require you to be online at all times. Don’t see that one happening, but it wouldn’t shock me either.


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