iPhone 5s and five inch iPhone 6 in 2013?

Rumors are swirling just as they do every year about the details of the next iPhone. Today, a source from a Chinese tech company claims we’ll see both the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 6 in the same calendar year. While the 5s is expected to maintain the same form factor, the 6 is supposedly going to come with a five inch screen.

I’m not buying it.

Well, not totally anyway. I’m on board wit the 5s rumors that it will basically maintain the same form with internal upgrades to the processor, a 13-megapixel camera, off-line Siri functionality, and possibly new color schemes much like the ipod lines.


Where I draw exception is the 5 inch screen rumor for the iPhone 6. Firstly, it’s not like Apple to introduce two new phones in the same year, unless it ends up being a less expensive model. Secondly, a five inch screen negates Apple’s mantra of being able to use your phone with one hand. Plus, the introduction of the iPad mini may keep them from entering the ‘note phone’ arena. I just don’t see Apple cannibalizing themselves in a marketplace they currently dominate.

I’m still predicting we see two phones released this year, just not the iPhone 6. It makes perfect sense to do away with the iPod touch and just make it the affordable iPhone line.


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