Last Second Valentine’s Day Gifts

It’s that time of year where we loath the mandated categorization of our relationships. You either fall into: single, looking, it’s complicated, we’re committed, still going strong, or why turn back now? But no matter your situation, happiness (or lack there of), Valentine’s Day can pose a serious obstacle for the romantically challenged who have no idea what to get their significant other. Or maybe you’ve been too caught up at work and the stereotypical candy and flowers for her, and the old tie and “love coupon” book for him just won’t pass.

Here’s a list I’ve composed of last second gifts/ideas for varying phases of relationships.



For the geek inside of him/her, this relatively new subscription-box company is a great option for gamers, comic book fans, sci-fi enthusiasts, and Doctor Whosians. Subscription boxes are increasingly popular, and for good reason; for a monthly fee ($20 in this case), each month a box arrives at your doorstep containing items pertaining to a particular theme with its contents remaining a total mystery until it’s unpacking. LootCrate does an exceptional job at listening to its subscribers and tailoring each month’s box to current trends, plus the overall value of the box far exceeds the $20 you pay for it. Win win! And for those that aren’t sure their partner is ‘geeky’ enough to love LootCrate, each box tends to have something that will bring back the nostalgia of anyone’s childhood.

It’s a must have beyond valentine’s day, so keep it in mind for other occasions.

– Massage/Spa day


Skip on getting her the kitchenaid mixer or set of copper pans (although some would love these), nothing screams ‘me’ more than kitchen supplies that in turn end up benefiting you. No matter what stage your relationship is in, she’ll always love a day to be pampered. If you can afford it, give her the entire day at the spa, but if you’re working on a budget, is a great option for massages, just make sure to check yelp reviews.



With premium and deluxe options, Spicy Subscriptions isn’t your ordinary subscription box. Whether you’re looking to spice things up in the bedroom (pun intended), or just keep things interesting, this little package is the way to go. You can expect a delicately selected box filled with romantic items like oils, candles, toys, sexy lingerie, and soothing fragrances. It’s also a great way to get the conversation started, for those that feel embarrassed. (use:sexy2375 for an extra discount)



For the sports fan in your life, you can never go wrong with team gear. Speaking from experience, I’ve had some old, ‘well-loved’, football shirts replaced and repurposed in favor of fresh new ones. It’s a great way to update your SO’s look, while still allowing them to show their fanhood. Give the ’47 Brand line a look for more vintage looking options, plus they do NBA, MLB, NHL, and college sports as well)

– Apple TV/iTunes


For you home bodies, if you don’t already have an AppleTV, I highly recommend getting one. Readily available so you can swing by your nearest Apple store on your way home if you’re in a real bind, the AppleTV is a great option for starting your digital collection of movies and music, plus it’s added features like Netflix, NBA league pass, MLB, Hulu, and YouTube bring all of your entertainment to one device. If you already have one, don’t fret, grab an iTunes gift card or gift your love one’s favorite show/movie that you can watch while eating a special dessert.


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