Sony: PS4 unveiling Feb.20th

Update: Click here to see my notes on today’s PS4 event.

Last week, Sony teased this video with the promise of a big announcement set for February 20th. Now reports are all pointing towards their unveiling of their next-gen console, which for now is just being called the PS4 (I’m in the belief ‘Orbis‘ is just a working title).

We know the specs for the machine are going to be nearly identical to the next-gen X-Box, which is good news for developers, and both consoles will be packing a decent amount of power to them so their longevity will be sustainable. Although, they won’t be up to today’s PC standards, but they are closer to the yearly cycle than past iterations, so thumbs up for that.

Now, the move by Sony is a little bit of a surprising one, as they previously said they’d let Microsoft go first in the announcement of their console (X-box 720?). Why they’re giving the okie-doke could either be strategic, or reactionary, with the latter being although unlikely, if true, an unwise decision. Rushing into gaming hasn’t ever worked out for anyone, and not having launch titles or botching this presentation could be catastrophic.


However, rumors are already swirling about what we don’t yet know, but will soon find out in two weeks about the PS4: it’ll focus on social media, controller redesign (touchpad), cost, 3-D bluray, new store layout. I’d be cautious to jump to any conclusions at this point as Sony is clearly demonstrating they are always up for surprises, but there is a supposed DVR function that could be interesting.

So set your calendars, but don’t be too disappointed if you walk away without seeing much next-gen footage, if at all. Many of the big devs are still working on amazing titles for the PS3 that will still deserve your attention.

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3 responses to “Sony: PS4 unveiling Feb.20th

    • Glad to be of help, be sure to check back often as I’ll be trying to stay as up to day with news and notes.

      FYI: The price for the PS4 is rumored to be around $400. I’ll probably do a little writeup on whether or not i believe the rumor, and if it’s a good idea.

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