Monoprice: The Best Electronics Company You’ve Never Heard Of

As mega-retail chain Best Buy continues closing stores and the online proliferation of Amazon grows, someone has found a very comfortable niche in the electronics market that was otherwise unexplored: Monoprice.


Disclaimer: First, let me begin by saying that I am in no way associated or being paid to write this piece on behalf of Monoprice. I’m simply bringing attention to this burgeoning company because they represent many of the qualities that others lack and deserve every ounce of credit for it.

You may or may not have ever heard of Monoprice: the high quality accessories manufacturer found exclusively online. That’s fine. They’ve only been around since 2002, but, if you have it’s most likely you’ll recognize them as the people making the really cheap HDMI cables (it’s a good thing). Who remembers going out to a retail chain to purchase a flat screen HDTV, only to have a salesperson nearly bludgeon you to death as they pushed those “necessary” $100 Monster HDMI cables? Pretty much everyone, right? I certainly remember my first experience; I was sixteen and had to school a thirty-something year old about how much of a ripoff expensive HDMI cables were. It was a secret manufacturers tried to keep a tight lid on, and one that many people still remain completely unaware of today. Monoprice, however, never once tried to deceive its consumers, offering $2 cables of the same quality as other industry leaders.


They quickly became the ‘too good to be true‘ company that reviewers remained skeptical of until a strong following on forums and review sites began sounding off in praise and astonishment.

Now, over a decade since their inception, Monoprice has branched out into many sectors of the electronics industry, dabbing it’s fingers in PC/Mac accessories, networking, security, home theater/audio, and now expanding into LED monitors rivaling Apple’s specs. 


So how do they offer their products at such low prices?

Allow me to let Monoprice sum it up best:

Monoprice’s formula is simple, we eliminate the high costs of fancy packaging and middlemen while leveraging economies of scale by purchasing in large volumes. You, as a customer, are only paying for the materials and workmanship of the cables and accessories.

As a U.S. based company (thumbs up), Monoprice focuses on quality, not quantity. That means they aren’t going to suddenly make HDTVs and offer fifty different variations of the same set; they’ll focus on creating the best ONE, ensuring consumers walk away happy knowing their product rates just as well as any expensive name brand, but at half the price. And that’s really at the heart of why I write this; it’s about time we applaud companies for demanding excellence from their products without gouging our wallets, without gimmicks, just quality. With a steady and loyal following, Monoprice is slowly receiving the recognition they deserve and the numbers back them up.

Boasting yearly growths of 25-35%, Monoprice is steadily on the climb, and as their coffers fill, one can only assume they’ll begin making their presence known with bigger ticket items such as laptops, desktops, large flat-screens, and possibly even tablets. So keep your eye out for the Monoprice logo, you’ll be seeing more of it sooner than you think.


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